Zoho CRM – Logos and Signatures (how to)

Arcus Global

Arcus Global
October 3, 2012

Zoho CRM is a flexible, low cost and fully customisable Customer Relationship Management system.
One of its features is that email communications can be traced against contacts within the system, either by using a free Zoho Email account, or by purchasing the mail add-on and using your own domain email address. This post is about using different kinds of signatures and how to add a logo to your signature, as these are questions I frequently get asked when working with prospective clients.

So, Zoho allows to define only one standard signature (Setup –> Personal Settings –> Signature). Using this signature, it is quite easy to insert a logo, just click on the “insert image” button and you can upload your company’s logo. Once this signature is set up, it will be used when sending emails to contacts within the system. But what happens if you work with clients from different countries and you need signatures in different languages? Or if you need more personalised signatures for certain clients? In that case, one standard signature is not enough, and the solution to the problem is creating email templates (Setup –> Templates –> Email Templates)!

In Email Templates, create a new template for Contacts (or any other module you wish to use). An Email template is made up of the main body and a footer. The footer will be used for your custom signature. If you wish to insert a logo into that signature, you will first have to insert your cursor into the main body, click on the insert image button and insert the image into the main body.

To move it to the footer, you need to select the “View html Source” checkbox, and then click on the “Edit html” button. The following window will pop up.

Now copy the image source “<img src=”…” align=”…” height=”…” width=”…”> and post it into the footer.

So, creating multiple signatures and inserting logos in signatures is just that easy using Zoho CRM.