Arcus Planning and Development Control has been developed in partnership with Planning Departments across the UK.

Track all communications for each application and create mass mail outs to all consultees with our communications dashboard.

We were impressed with Arcus Global’s ability to drive the process forward at a fast pace, and their enthusiasm was infectious. Most vendors talk the talk but don’t deliver everything promised. Arcus was different; they delivered what they said, and so I did not hesitate to add Planning & Development to the project.
— Tandridge District Council

Features & Benefits:

Track all communications

The communications dashboard makes it easy for you to audit and keep track of what communications have been sent and when. You can send emails, letters and log calls

Integrate your GIS

We can implement your GIS
according to your needs

Draw map boundaries

Draw, edit, copy, trace and save map boundaries on to the GIS layer of your choice


Manage Neighbours

Add neighbours to your consultee list by selecting them on the map, one by one or dragging out an area to select

Import and Manage Consultees

You can import consultees from a previous application, add them individually or have them automatically added via a workflow for Statutory Consultees


Site Notices

Mark on a map where you would like your site notices to be placed


Automatically generate your constraints from your layer or add them manually


Set targets and deadlines

Use Salesforce's workflow and task management to set targets and deadlines according to legislation

Planning History

View the planning history for any UPRN or map boundary


Decisions and Recommendations

Planning Officers can enter all of their recommendations directly into the system and automatically generate their report


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Arcus Planning & Development Control is part of the Arcus Built Environment suite of products.

A suite of integrated, modern and powerful applications covering the full functionality required by built environment teams. Developed in close collaboration with Public Sector teams focused on meeting their statutory obligations with flexibility for now and the future.


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