IT procurement arrangements can often get in the way of achieving value, our team offers a better way

Understanding the relative merits of technology and services is usually straightforward.

Achieving best commercial value in a highly regulated environment is often anything but. This is where our rapid procurement experts in technology and negotiation can help.  we use a detailed methodology for researching, planning and negotiating each deal, ensuring that 'it' delivers value, mitigates risk and supports change. 

Features & Benefits:


Expert negotiators

Arcus has developed its own methodology drawn from professional courses and practical experience negotiating in the UK and China. We focus on total cost of ownership and model both your needs and supplier offers.


Change proofing

Using a mixture of technology, procurement, negotiation and business change skills helps us to ensure that your contracts are both effective now and can handle future change.

Public sector experience

Arcus focuses on the public sector so we are familiar with the challenges you face and can help you to gain both good contracts and internal approval.


Sharing best practice

Working alongside our staff often leads to improved ambition and outcomes that continue after we have completed the engagement.


Optional risk / reward model

We can agree risk / reward terms which mean that you pay nothing unless we achieve target savings. This means you have no risk but can still gain the reward.