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Security & Monitoring Services

We understand that information security is one of your top concerns when you’re considering adopting Cloud Services. We’ll help you to understand your information assets, where they reside, and who can access them. 

We’ll also help you navigate and comply with the stringent regulations that apply to some types of public sector information assets. Our expert team will take into account your organisation’s culture, industry best practice, and current regulations to recommend strategies, policies and processes to manage your assets and keep them secure.




Understand legislation and compliance

We’ll help you understand existing Information Governance regulations and their impact on your organisation’s daily activities

Implement best-practice Information Governance

We’ll implement best-practice Information Governance to improve your handling of sensitive information, and reduce the risk of information breaches

Share information management best practice

Our team will advise you on best practices around information management, master data management, integration strategy and open data, and how adopting cloud services will impact on your information-management strategy and methodology

Understand and manage risk

Understanding risk and managing it intelligently is a particular focus of our Security and Monitoring Services

Security classification framework

This allows you to create a register of all of your information assets, associated classifications, retention periods and other items of metadata such as file-format or data-sharing arrangements

Working collaboratively we get great knowledge sharing as well as being able to genuinely re-write processes to meet our needs rather than change our processes to match the system.
— James Battle, Support Services Manager, Eastleigh Borough Council