Improve services and reduce costs with a complete digital service delivery solution from Arcus Global

our team of over 50 developers are experts in delivering high value software solutions from customer facing websites to back office apps.

We follow a robust and engaging methodology that incorporates the best of service design thinking and agile development practices.

Together we will choose the right mix of technologies for you, using the latest and greatest platforms and frameworks.

Features & Benefits:

Rapid Innovation

We work with your team and end users to develop the first version of a product in 6 – 8 weeks. We can provide a prototype for user testing within 3 weeks.


Service and Product Design

We create compelling and engaging product designs that will become a part of the users' lives. Our primary aim is to deliver a product that will support the service you want to deliver in the future.

Design Research

We will work closely with your end users, shadowing and interviewing them to understand their service. We uncover hidden needs & problems to solve early on and work with you to solve them.

UX Strategy and User research

User experience gives your organisation a way to adapt and change the experience of the users to suit business needs. We deliver a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the experience, Metrics & KPIS for success and a prioritised roadmap for developing your UX capabilities.


Collaborative Working

We use an Agile methodology that emphasises close collaboration and client ownership of the features of the solution and how we (and your own developers) prioritise our work.


Understand User Needs

Good design is understanding what is useful to make people’s lives easier

Make it work, then make it pretty

Good functionality will result in good aesthetics. Keep it simple.


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“I was impressed with Arcus Global’s ability to drive the process forward at a fast pace, and their enthusiasm was infectious. Most vendors talk the talk but don’t deliver everything promised. Arcus was different; they delivered what they said, and so I did not hesitate to add Planning to the project.”
— Tandridge District Council
“Arcus re-designed a screen for us on the fly; we had a discussion about it, suggested some changes, and they re-did it straight away, delivering exactly what we wanted. What was astonishing to me was that they delivered it back to us within a few days, a really fast turnaround,”
— Tandridge District Council