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We build products that enable people doing the most important jobs to do them better. The kind of jobs that keep our streets clean, our children safe and our communities thriving.

Achieve digital transformation

We’ll create imaginative, future proof-digital services 

Choose the right systems

We’ll select the right combination of systems, without bias and without ‘locking you in,’ taking into account your people and processes, enterprise goals, and existing technology

Business alignment

We’ll align your IT with your business units, so your systems can respond to future growth

Rationalise systems

By consolidating capabilities, we’ll reduce the number of systems you have, leading to lower administration costs

Bespoke solution

We’ll tailor the solution to your needs

System integration

By ensuring that systems are fully integrated, we’ll help you reap the benefits of a single view of your data


Working collaboratively we get great knowledge sharing as well as being able to genuinely re-write processes to meet our needs rather than change our processes to match the system.
— James Battle, Support Services Manager, Eastleigh Borough Council