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Arcus Taxi Licensing

Arcus Taxi Licensing is a flexible, cloud based solution developed in partnership with Local Authorities across the UK.

Arcus Taxi Licensing helps teams to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, with flexible workflows for managing driver, vehicle and operator licensing, including related activities and follow-on processes.


For Managers

Manage casework

Improve efficiency and user engagement across the service, using highly configurable workflows to define modern service delivery processes and business logic

Plan and action casework based on previous outcomes

Automated functions enable your teams to plan and action future Taxi Licensing casework based on the activities and outcomes of previous casework, driving efficiency across the service and improving business intelligence

Enable complete visibility of casework

The solution provides a full history of casework activities and communications, giving your teams complete visibility of legacy, ongoing and scheduled casework

Manage and assign workload

Assign and manage workload to individuals and teams in real-time, to increase efficiency, collaboration and information-sharing between your service areas

For Users

Address-selection and history

Use address selection functionality for a single view of a citizen’s history across all services, to maintain business data integrity, reduce support costs and improve customer engagement

Customise business logic in response to regulatory and statutory changes

Configure fees, timescales, statutory consultees, communications templates and reports in response to regulatory and statutory changes and to suit the needs of your team

View a full history of Taxi Licensing casework

View history across premises, businesses and individuals for full visibility of service delivery in the context of Taxi Licensing activities

Configure enforcement and prosecution processes

The ability to fully configure enforcement, monitoring and prosecution processes provides flexible business logic for the capture and reporting of enforcement activities, and increases user engagement through tailored workflows

Generate key documentation using templates and standard paragraphs

Generate key casework collateral at any stage of the process so that teams and individuals can quickly and easily communicate with relevant parties, either singularly or as groups, via manual or automated sending of pre-configured communications templates


Single portal for all communications

Communicate and collaborate easily across teams using a single portal

Multiple transaction capability

The solution saves time by managing multiple transactions in a single session

It’s a real collaborative process with Arcus – it’s been a partnership right from the outset. Arcus work with you to build the system – that was the bit that we found most attractive. They have a real desire to understand the customer needs rather than to say here is a product, take it or leave it.
— Nick Tustian, Chief Executive Officer, Eastleigh Borough Council