• How we help the Public Sector...

    Arcus creates flexible and adaptable applications for every line of business, creating a true Platform for Government. This platform will provide a true "single view of the customer" across the organisation.

  • The Public Sector is under pressure

    People live longer, their needs are more complex and they expect to be able to request services anytime, anywhere, from any device accross traditional organisational boundaries.

  • Do more with your existing budget

    Budgets have been slashed and offering security and privacy poses ever greater challenges.

  • Masking your old, legacy applications

    Masking your old, legacy applications and business process with a New “digital” front end will not work

  • The only answer is to...

    Transform your organisation using a full service platform running on the latest technology

  • Change your core processes

    Core processes need to be reimagined end to end with customers being digitally connected to every part of your business.

  • Arcus can help at all stages of this journey

    From initial vision, data strategy and architecture, to managing your entire transformation. But we do not stop there!

  • A modern solution

    We have built modern, user-friendly Local Government Business apps native to the Cloud, on the powerful and secure, world leading Salesforce Platform.

  • Arcus products

    Arcus products will completely replace your legacy software, enabling your business to take back control of the process and deliver services differently.