Denis Kaminskiy 

Denis is co-founder of Arcus Global with a wealth of experience gained over 12 years. He has worked in sales, operations and services as well as outsourcing teams. During his career, Denis has managed IT services to the value of over 750m pounds for global organisations such as Rolls- Royce and Cadbury Schweppes. Denis has an exceptional grasp of innovation and a vision for the solutions required for enabling change. With an MBA from Cambridge University and a focus on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Denis is ideally qualified to direct Arcus Global into the new digital age. 

Lars Malmqvist

Lars co-founded Arcus Global in 2009, after realising the seismic shift that the cloud would bring for organisations. An Entrepreneurial technology leader with deep technical skills and serious business acumen,  Lars has built an enviable career gaining an exceptional working knowledge of the benefits of transformational capabilities and new technologies. Lars has worked in many roles within IT, from systems consultant with Steria through to working with HP as a strategy consultant. With more than 13 years in development and technical architecture, Lars is more than capable of handling the development, technology and product suites for Arcus' continued growth. Lars holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge.

Peter Dewsbury

Peter joined Arcus Global in 2010, bringing a wealth of experience from IT and customer facing engagements. Peter leads Arcus’ ICT-centric Transformation programme and is currently responsible for driving forward cloud computing and platform architecture in the public and private sectors. Peter has worked as the IT Director for Cluttons LLP and has hands-on experience within the public sector working as the ICT Programme Director for London Borough of Sutton. Peter gained his degree at Cambridge University and believes in a very hands-on approach in enabling local authorities to innovate their services by moving from legacy solutions to the more agile cloud.