Arcus Government Pack

Arcus Government Pack

Arcus Government Pack

Arcus Government Pack supports central and local government organisations in their use of the Salesforce platform by providing features specifically designed for and with governmental organisations. These include financial management and integrated payment channels, data security and publishing, task automation, workflow management, and multi-channel communications.

Arcus Digital Platform is part of the Arcus platform, including but not limited to CRM, Housing, Built Environment, FOI and Waste Management.

Further expansion of customer facing functionality such as self-service, customer accounts and public registers is available through the Arcus Digital Services Hub.

Why Arcus Government Pack?

Intuitive consumer grade user experience

Embedded reporting & analytics

Self-service & mobile working built-in; citizens & officers can access anywhere, anytime

Centralised financial management including & automated reconciliation

Sophisticated fee calculator removes human error from fee and fine calculations

Integration with payment-engines: GOV.UK Pay, Capita SCP, Civica eStore

Supports secure publishing of data and documents where regulations require it

Visual workflow tools reduce training needs & help eliminate human error during case processing, highlighting risks at key points in a process

Comms supporting email, letters, SMS, online notifications via customer portals

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