Arcus Toolkit for GDS Compliance

Arcus Toolkit for GDS Compliance

Arcus Toolkit for GDS Compliance

The Arcus developed Toolkit for GDS Compliance enables Salesforce deployments to align seamlessly to the GDS service design standard. A suite of applications, reusable components, API’s, and integrations used with our consultancy services enables the quickest way to get your Salesforce-based service approved.

Arcus Digital Platform is part of the Arcus platform, including but not limited to CRM, Housing, Built Environment, FOI and Waste Management.

Further expansion of customer facing functionality such as self-service, customer accounts and public registers is available through the Arcus Digital Services Hub.

Why Arcus GDS Toolkit powered by Salesforce?

Intuitive consumer grade user experience

Embedded reporting & analytics

Self-service & mobile working built-in; citizens & officers can access anywhere, anytime

User interface is highly customisable

Standards compliant including both web and web accessibility standards

Components support both authenticated and unauthenticated use in digital experiences

Out of the box layouts, styles and components vastly reduce time to live for GDS compliant customer experiences

Enables Salesforce Digital Experiences to meet GDS Design System Standards

Standards compliant including both Web and Web Accessibility standards

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