Martin Bradbury

Navigating The Choppy Waters of Legacy I.T Contracts

The financial challenges faced by our local authorities that are so widely reported in the press are truly daunting. As stewards of public funds, it’s imperative that they be empowered financially and regulatory to tackle these challenges head-on to ensure the continued prosperity and well-being of our communities and those who live in them. Let’s… Read more »

Rethinking Citizen Engagement

In recent years, it has been largely accepted that the adoption of Citizen Self Service, primarily through the deployment of web-based forms, would revolutionise efficiency within local government that will allow citizens to access local government services 24/7. However, reality has often fallen short of these promises.  While web forms have become a staple in… Read more »

Empowering Today’s Local Government with Data and Innovation

I’ve had plenty of conversations recently across local government, and there’s been a prevailing narrative suggesting that software functionality is on a path to convergence, with the potential outcome being that the only unique asset a council or organisation will possess is its data. While this perspective may hold some truth, it’s imperative to challenge… Read more »