Peter Dewsbury

CEO Speaks – Peter Dewsbury

The recent ending of Covid 19 restrictions has meant that we’ve been able to get out and about with a growing number of face-to-face meetings. There is certainly an enduring appeal to working from home – spending time with family and friends, and investing in personal well being – but it has been very rewarding… Read more »

No more excuses for cyber security failures in councils

Breaches of cyber security are a significant risk to every business and individual, but are increasingly affecting local government. Recovering from the February 2020 ransomware attack that reduced Redcar & Cleveland Council to using pen and paper for critical processes, was estimated to have cost over £10.5m – three times their 2019 central ICT budget.

The key digital freedoms for the public sector

Much has been made of the unprecedented nature of 2020 and the innovation that accompanied the response to the demands of the pandemic. On reflection, I think last year changed the way we think about innovation (or at least the emphasis of it). We moved away from new entrants disrupting stale markets and faced a ‘stress test’ of the technology infrastructure that the public sector in particular had put in place in the latter half of the 2010s.