Cost Reduction


Under the banner of LOCAL GOVERNMENT ICT BUDGET CUTS Brett Husbands, of our partner Firmstep, wrote in the FEEDBACK section of the September 2010 edition of ITNow from the BCS: The predicted fall in ICT budgets over the next year shouldn’t jeopardise local government efficiency savings – far from it. The findings of the recent… Read more »

Outsourcing Debate part 2

There seems to be a debate about the current drive for cost reduction forcing some of the councils to consider outsourcing. Sure: you are promised same or better for less, and you don’t have to worry your pretty little head about a thing. Your headcount drops too, and you may even get a capital injection – if not now, then perhaps in a few years time.

Cloud in Local Government – when is a good time to act?

During our many many visits to local authorities across the UK, there is one question that we get very frequently: When is the right time to start taking action regarding the cloud? Generally, every ICT and business professional within Local Government in the UK that I have met has acknowledged that Cloud computing, in its… Read more »