Arcus Selective Licensing

Arcus Selective Licensing

Arcus Selective Licensing

Arcus Selective Licensing offers a comprehensive end-to-end process with self-service processes, where applicants complete an online form with convenient payment integration and evidence upload.

Selective Licensing zones are stored against addresses. Officers can prioritise work, use mobile-ready inspection forms, perform HHSRS risk assessments, and automatically create notices using templates.

Arcus Regulatory Services is part of the Arcus platform, including but not limited to CRM, Housing, Built Environment, FOI and Waste Management.

Further expansion of customer facing functionality such as self-service, customer accounts and public registers is available through the Arcus Digital Services Hub.

Why Arcus Selective Licensing?

Browser User Interface: No installation needed, no server hardware needed.

Drag and Drop Reporting including financial information

Self-service & mobile working built-in; citizens & officers can access anywhere, anytime

User Interface is highly customisable.

Online submission and tracking of requests

Data driven workflow of core processes

Automated notifications, escalations and service breaches, both internally and externally

Enables collaboration with other services and agencies within the system

Enables everyone to make informed decisions

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