Why we shouldn’t go back to normal after COVID-19 – let your cloud be the silver lining

With people imagining what life will be like following the current pandemic, you often see them quoted as expecting working life to ‘go back to normal’. For me, that won’t work.

Procurement – an enabler to change, not an obstacle to it

By Colin Wales Business Development Director MPs on the Science and Technology Committee recently heard from a range of experts on how attempts to open up Gov procurement to SMEs has progressed over the last three years. The gist of the discussions was that early success in shifting contracts to a more balanced portfolio of suppliers… Read more »

Better Connected Live – A View From the Back

The most telling session at the Better Connected Live event in Birmingham at the end of last month was the Q and A that ended the morning session on day one. The 20 minute Q and A drilled into the heart of the challenge and the problems of being a digital authority in 2016.

4 Causes of Legacy Systems Syndrome and Some Ways to Mitigate Them

Does your organisation have a system, which while critical to some business function is proving nearly impossible to update and change? Does every upgrade cycle take months and require serious effort and testing? Is the application starting to creak at the seams and proving occasionally unstable? 

Data Quality Is A Design Problem

Many organisations have data quality problems. Some organisations have data quality problems so serious it stops them from using key systems in a meaningful way. When that happens, sometimes the consultants get called.

File System How-To

Introduction We’re presently developing a mobile application using Cordova and the whole process has been brilliant! Most recently we’ve been using the FileSystem of the mobile device we’re using (more often than not a virtual Android device using Genymotion) so we’ve had to get our heads around the File plugin. My team is comprised of… Read more »

Update SalesForce rich text area in a VisualForce page

I’ve just come across this post by Matt Lacey, a day too late as I discovered this yesterday! Basically the issue is that Salesforce has rich text fields which are not in the least bit easy to re-render. A colleague had a requirement to change the text within the rich text area depending upon the… Read more »

Barriers to digital change in Local Government

The Department for Communities and Local Government recently conducted an extensive study into the use of digital technologies by those in Local Government. The report discovered that for 72.7% of authorities, legacy systems and infrastructure is the biggest barrier to developing their digital offerings.  This statistic was echoed by the suppliers taking part in the… Read more »

News from the Cloudfront – Application to Product

Forecast: ‘generally sunny with a distinct lack of a personnel’ now that everyone is taking their holidays. The theme of this month is most definitely productize – a word that filled me with architectural suspicion previously – but now I can say with some certainty that the road from application to product can be broken… Read more »

Are coders worth it? Hell yeah!

I’d like to talk about whether or not coders are worth it? My Dad was a structural engineer for his working life, he worked for various local governments around Yorkshire and worked very hard! He didn’t have a degree but he was ever so experienced and was often given the role of mentor to newly… Read more »

Android Emulator for Development

Identify a suitable Android Emulator for Development with Arcus Global. Introduction We have identified a requirement for an Android Emulator for an application we’re creating using data hosted by a 3rd party. The 3rd party is in the process of developing their own HTML5 offering so it is envisaged that within the year we will… Read more »

jQuery UI modal dialog and its data object

I don’t know how many times I’ve had to re-research this so this is the last time as I’m going to document it! I really like jQuery UI modal dialogs but I always have trouble getting them to do the proper thing when they’ve closed! Poor Alex is forever reminding me after I’ve spent 20… Read more »