Artificial Intelligence

Arcus becomes a consulting partner for the Amazon Connect service

Arcus Global are rather pleased to announce that, following a rigorous assurance process, we have become the first validated ‘go to’ consulting partner in EMEA for the Amazon Connect service.

Amazon Connect is the artificial intelligence (AI) based, automated service that powers the contact centre of the world’s most customer centric company – It is also the technology that we used for our successful project with the NHS Business Services Authority – which resolved 42% of calls to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) service.

Local Government and Artificial Intelligence – How to Begin a Special Relationship

Expectations that AI will transform the world economy have become commonplace. A recent RSA analysis suggested that 15% of British private sector jobs or about four million could be at risk in the next decade. But how could it affect Local Government?

What Happens When You Push the AI Stop Button!

Last week saw a flurry of news concerning a new paper by Laurent Orseau from Google DeepMind and Stuart Armstrong from The Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University.