Arcus Global has successfully achieved sign-off from HMLR (Her Majesty’s Land Registry) for its integration with their digital Local Land Charges (LLC) Register.

Arcus Global has successfully achieved sign-off from HMLR (Her Majesty’s Land Registry) for its integration with their digital Local Land Charges (LLC) Register. This means that, once migrated, Arcus’ local authority land charges customers will be able to maintain their local registers and automatically update the central HMLR LLC Register. This underpins the instant online Read article

Why we shouldn’t go back to normal after COVID-19 – let your cloud be the silver lining

With people imagining what life will be like following the current pandemic, you often see them quoted as expecting working life to ‘go back to normal’. For me, that won’t work.

Arcus Global scores maximum points on the AWS Managed Service Provider framework

We are thrilled to announce that not only are we an AWS Next Generation Managed Services Provider (MSP) but we also scored maximum points in our latest AWS MSP audit.

Cloud Platform: A Shifting Landscape (Part 1)

 – A paradigm shift is no longer just a possibility, but a reality –   The 3 Ds ‘Design, Development and Delivery’ have always been at the forefront of technology, and never more so than today. The landscape is changing once again. In the past, the public sector (along with the private) moved away from… Read more »

Security and the Cloud – Part 1

This will be the first of a number of op-ed pieces on the security landscape of cloud computing. Security is often quoted as one of the main reason people back away from embracing the cloud. This I believe is often due to a combination of an over estimation of how secure their current arrangements are… Read more »

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt over ICT jobs

There has been a recent survey highlighting the barriers to adoption of Cloud computing done by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF). The survey was reported on (can be found here) The survey comes up with all of the expected findings about growth, trajectories etc… One particular section is interesting (quote from the page… Read more »

A response to the G-Cloud abstainer

This post is a response to the article published on – please see this link..

The above response is very typical of “sour grapes” and protectionism from a company unable to openly compete in a commodity market. Contract terms, open pricing, definitions are all designed to give the same – identical in fact (to the greatest extent possible) to all providers, large and small. Even in this first version of G-Cloud they are adequate, hence there are plenty of companies (255) including tens of private Cloud providers, that have bid. They believe that the definitions are flexible enough to accommodate their services.


Under the banner of LOCAL GOVERNMENT ICT BUDGET CUTS Brett Husbands, of our partner Firmstep, wrote in the FEEDBACK section of the September 2010 edition of ITNow from the BCS: The predicted fall in ICT budgets over the next year shouldn’t jeopardise local government efficiency savings – far from it. The findings of the recent… Read more »

Public Sector Entrepreneurship

As everyone knows (and is almost tired of hearing), there are huge pressures on local government to cut costs.ICT teams, traditionally seen as being on the fringes of the organisation, are typically the first port of call for such cutbacks. Slashing systems, support, outsourcing solutions, consulting, and most importantly people, is the expected course of… Read more »

Local Government Moving to the Cloud

As farfetched a vision this may seem, the change in attitude towards Cloud in local government over the last several months is astounding. Just 12 months ago, when we started going around local authorities offering free consulting on how to move their services to the emerging industry, we frequently were met with blank stares, or… Read more »