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Navigating The Choppy Waters of Legacy I.T Contracts

The financial challenges faced by our local authorities that are so widely reported in the press are truly daunting. As stewards of public funds, it’s imperative that they be empowered financially and regulatory to tackle these challenges head-on to ensure the continued prosperity and well-being of our communities and those who live in them. Let’s… Read more »

In pursuit of continuous improvement. How local authorities can create service improvement through self-innovation with Arcus Built Environment solutions

I think it is fair to say that most councils have got to a point where they have exhausted their ability to make any further significant steps forward in generating efficiencies and delivering service improvement with the legacy systems they have. They now need to do something more transformational to make the step-change required. Arcus… Read more »

Part Two – ‘Low Code to No Code’

Low Code sounds great: you (anyone) can use this magic tool, to create a full business application or part thereof, without having to use expensive techies, instead using a cheaper and less specialist resource. It is (mostly) completely visual, and can be achieved using a number of tools out there on the market. Sometimes it manifests as a toolkit on top of a platform like Salesforce or Dynamics.

Part One – The danger of Low code and a ‘Minimum Viable Anything’ approach

Over the last 5 years, there has been a shift in the consulting / advisory landscape in Public Sector and Local Government. It feels like many of the more traditional approaches are rebranding or disappearing altogether to be replaced by a fancy ‘Digital’ title, perhaps using a technical term or concept here and there, or quoting some newly created model for doing roughly the same thing.

Why the public sector should focus on the tech that will make lives better

It goes without saying that the past year has thrown up challenges that most of us never thought we would face, and the public sector is no exception.

No more excuses for cyber security failures in councils

Breaches of cyber security are a significant risk to every business and individual, but are increasingly affecting local government. Recovering from the February 2020 ransomware attack that reduced Redcar & Cleveland Council to using pen and paper for critical processes, was estimated to have cost over £10.5m – three times their 2019 central ICT budget.

Arcus Global degree apprentice Thomas Dowell nominated for Tech Industry Gold award

We are proud to announce that Thomas Dowell, AWS degree apprentice here at Arcus Global, is nominated for a prestigious Tech Industry Gold award.

Arcus Global scores maximum points on the AWS Managed Service Provider framework

We are thrilled to announce that not only are we an AWS Next Generation Managed Services Provider (MSP) but we also scored maximum points in our latest AWS MSP audit.

What connects the beach, talent, transformation and the digital future?

Well it’s the annual Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) conference in Bournemouth on July 11 and 12.  The theme is Talent, Technology, Transformation: Mapping the Digital Future. So we have to be there!

Brexit, economics and cloud

What is the impact of brexit on cloud?  Peter Male, outlines the impact of brexit on the Sterling vs Dollar exchange rates to demonstrate why AWS continues to offer the best value for money for customers using cloud.

Peterborough City Council Webinar – Local Authorities Can Have it All

As local authorities look to solve pressing financial, productivity, and modernisation challenges,  leading transformation lights are extending the scale scope and sophistication of Information technology to enable their Authorities to meet and beat the challenge head on. Richard Godfrey Assistant Director for ICT at Digital Peterborough, delivers a webinar,  on how Peterborough is addressing key… Read more »

Gain a Research Edge: Harness the Power of Hybrid Cloud With AWS

Credits: David Blaikie @ © edited by Amish Gir Educators and researchers today navigate an extensive labyrinth of “proper channels” to grant their innovative ideas. Factors that slow down your progress include resources and funding limitations. This is where utility cloud can give you the competitive edge. Cloud computing like Amazon Web Services… Read more »