Amanda Papworth

Arcus Global provides all of our employees with 2 volunteering days every year, fully paid…..

Three days before taking on my first ever half marathon, what better way to calm down some of the numerous butterflies in my stomach, than to volunteer…. At the Cambridge half Marathon! Soaking up the pre-race atmosphere, meeting the founder of the race, lifting my body weight in Soreen bars and pre-emptively practicing with the… Read more »

A day in the life of a ‘new world’ worker at Arcus Global

The alarm goes off on the Monday morning of another working week, and this new routine is slowly starting to settle in. I ask myself the first question of the day: do I have any video conferences or meetings ahead? If the answer is no, then casual wear it is. As much as I enjoy looking like something out of 1973 Eurovision every time I don my new headset, not having to decide on a work-appropriate outfit every morning is both time saving and liberating.