Social & Charity

Arcus Global provides all of our employees with 2 volunteering days every year, fully paid…..

Three days before taking on my first ever half marathon, what better way to calm down some of the numerous butterflies in my stomach, than to volunteer…. At the Cambridge half Marathon! Soaking up the pre-race atmosphere, meeting the founder of the race, lifting my body weight in Soreen bars and pre-emptively practicing with the… Read more »

Arcus is Running Away with it

Over the past few months, a crack team of athletes from Arcus Global have been training for this year’s Cambridge Half Marathon. Five members of the team will be joining 16,000 other runners smashing PB’s around the streets of Cambridge, taking in the colleges and views of the City. Whilst the team trained separately, a support slack… Read more »

That's a wrap, FY22/23!

That’s a wrap, FY22/23! After a day of reflection on another hugely successful year, and discussing our strategies and goals for FY23/24, the Arcus Global team are ready to go again!

Arcus Global launches annual tree planting programme

As part of Arcus Global’s commitment to supporting sustainability, we will be donating 100 tree saplings to any new and existing Local Authority customers to enrich their local communities – it’s something that we’re pledging to do every year. We will work with our customers to carefully identify the right location and species and help them source and plant in their areas.