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Wiltshire Council Shortlisted for a Planning Award

Wiltshire Council has been shortlisted for an award in the ‘Use of Digital Technology in Planning’ category at the 2022 Planning Awards, using Arcus Built Environment solutions. Wiltshire Council needed to move away from the legacy system they used to manage planning applications for a number of reasons, it was unstable, didn’t permit optimal operations, or… Read more »

Haringey Council selects Arcus Global for Planning & Building Control

Arcus Global has been selected by Haringey Council to implement its Built Environment applications for Planning and Building Control, signalling a firm move away from legacy IT systems. With technology moving at a rapid pace, Haringey Council has opted to move to a cloud-based planning system which enhances flexibility, remote working and improves end-user experience.… Read more »

Arcus Global has successfully achieved sign-off from HMLR (Her Majesty’s Land Registry) for its integration with their digital Local Land Charges (LLC) Register.

Arcus Global has successfully achieved sign-off from HMLR (Her Majesty’s Land Registry) for its integration with their digital Local Land Charges (LLC) Register. This means that, once migrated, Arcus’ local authority land charges customers will be able to maintain their local registers and automatically update the central HMLR LLC Register. This underpins the instant online Read article

Hackney Council selects Arcus Global for their Regulatory Services

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions specialist Arcus Global has been selected by Hackney Council to implement its entire suite of regulatory services, signalling a firm move away from legacy IT systems. After the serious cyber-attack the Council faced in October 2020, Hackney’s initial priority was to recover access to valuable data from its line… Read more »

Arcus Global achieves raft of ISO recertifications

Arcus retains its ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certifications, demonstrating continued commitment to high standards   After months of preparation, hard work and a rigorous audit process, we are proud to announce that Arcus Global has achieved recertifications in ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)  and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management). … Read more »

Arcus Global selected for techUK Public Services Committee

Arcus Global, specialist cloud solutions provider for the public sector, has been selected to join techUK’s Local Public Services Committee (LPSC). Paul Langridge, sales director at Arcus Global, will be joining a selected team of tech industry leaders to drive techUK’s ambitious programme of activity for local public services.  With over 800 members, techUK brings… Read more »

CEO Speaks

I’ve recently finished Matthew McConaughey’s autobiography, Greenlights. I confess, I’m an avid fan of the guy’s screen work. Dallas Buyers Club anybody? what a film! Yet, I’m always sceptical with autobiographies, regardless of author. Am I getting the whole story, warts n all, if you like?

Greenlights is a pretty balanced read/listen. He talks about a lot of the issues that affected him over the years, good and bad. His story’s set against the context of world growth and massive social change in recent years. It runs right up to #metoo, BLM & COVID 19, so it’s current. It resonates. Through his life journey, McConaughey describes all the positives that headed his way. He was getting a go sign, a reason to carry on, a Greenlight!

2020 Public Sector tech predictions

“When it comes to local government, it seems that open data and open standards will take more prominence. A few authorities across the UK have already put this in motion, such as the Greater London Authority (GLA), where the ambition is to create a ‘live hub’ of planning and development information, accessible to all Londoners.

Forget the jargon: focus on the objective when it comes to cloud-first

Recently, New Statesman Tech reported on plans from the Government Digital Service (GDS) to review its ‘Cloud-first’ policy in 2020. Although it’s now clear that there are no plans to revise or rename the policy, we do understand why GDS might want to give the ‘Cloud-first’ policy a new perspective and perhaps contemplate the meaning behind phrases “cloud smart” or “cloud first”. We really welcome this clarification and fully support it. After all, realism is key for the success of a digital transformation project.

Putting the user at the heart of cloud-first strategies

Cloud-first strategies have been the driving force behind digital transformation projects in the public sector. Moving beyond on-premise legacy IT estates is seen as a key step in helping organisations become more agile and effective. Cloud solutions are therefore implemented to serve a real business purpose. But, we do need to remember that a cloud-first strategy has to be about the end result – and that’s putting the user first.

Not just one but five reasons to join your front and back office data

Modernising processes to improve services is a key priority for councils today. A big part of that is moving to the cloud and making the flow of data a key process. This allows the front-end to be linked to back-end systems to gain valuable insight into citizen interaction and in turn improve the customer experience and services provided.