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Arcus Global provides all of our employees with 2 volunteering days every year, fully paid…..

Three days before taking on my first ever half marathon, what better way to calm down some of the numerous butterflies in my stomach, than to volunteer…. At the Cambridge half Marathon! Soaking up the pre-race atmosphere, meeting the founder of the race, lifting my body weight in Soreen bars and pre-emptively practicing with the… Read more »

Arcus Global victorious after ranking in Elitebuiness Top 100 SME businesses.

We are celebrating after being commended as one of the UK’s Top 100 SMEs in the UK. Amidst hundreds of entries from a diverse range of sectors, we have been ranked #32 overall in the Elite Business 100 (EB100). To celebrate this sensational achievement, we will be included in the EB100 digital guide and online… Read more »

That's a wrap, FY22/23!

That’s a wrap, FY22/23! After a day of reflection on another hugely successful year, and discussing our strategies and goals for FY23/24, the Arcus Global team are ready to go again!

CEO Speaks

I’ve recently finished Matthew McConaughey’s autobiography, Greenlights. I confess, I’m an avid fan of the guy’s screen work. Dallas Buyers Club anybody? what a film! Yet, I’m always sceptical with autobiographies, regardless of author. Am I getting the whole story, warts n all, if you like?

Greenlights is a pretty balanced read/listen. He talks about a lot of the issues that affected him over the years, good and bad. His story’s set against the context of world growth and massive social change in recent years. It runs right up to #metoo, BLM & COVID 19, so it’s current. It resonates. Through his life journey, McConaughey describes all the positives that headed his way. He was getting a go sign, a reason to carry on, a Greenlight!

Arcus Global launches annual tree planting programme

As part of Arcus Global’s commitment to supporting sustainability, we will be donating 100 tree saplings to any new and existing Local Authority customers to enrich their local communities – it’s something that we’re pledging to do every year. We will work with our customers to carefully identify the right location and species and help them source and plant in their areas.

5 Things Clients Can do Towards a Successful Digital Transformation Project

Someone once told me that Project Management (PM) is about “being told things you don’t want to hear and telling people things they don’t want to hear”. PM certainly doesn’t come without its challenges and working with the Public Sector (notorious for its tight budgets and staff shortages) adds to it. However, having managed projects on both sides of the “fence”, I can say that it doesn’t have to always be like that.

Planning software suppliers can be truly creative in the current market- we just need the nod

I read this report from the Connected Place Catapult with great interest. I don’t disagree with the six principles outlined in the report. In fact, at Arcus we try to put these principles into action every day. However, in focusing wholly on the software suppliers, the report misses an opportunity to highlight some more fundamental issues.

Team AWESOME tackles Socialising from home

In a company that predominantly works using the cloud, many of us are familiar with working from home. However, in the ‘time before Covid’, home working could also include a variety of in-person meetings with clients, travelling into the office to work with our colleagues, meeting up with them, and maintaining that ‘face-time’ which is so important to our working relationships.

A day in the life of IT Support when the world is Access Controlled

Sweaty. That’s probably the best way to describe how I felt the morning of Tuesday 17th March 2020. The morning after the Government issued the Work From Home order and we officially invoked our Business Continuity Plan.

A day in the life of a ‘new world’ worker at Arcus Global

The alarm goes off on the Monday morning of another working week, and this new routine is slowly starting to settle in. I ask myself the first question of the day: do I have any video conferences or meetings ahead? If the answer is no, then casual wear it is. As much as I enjoy looking like something out of 1973 Eurovision every time I don my new headset, not having to decide on a work-appropriate outfit every morning is both time saving and liberating.

Why we shouldn’t go back to normal after COVID-19 – let your cloud be the silver lining

With people imagining what life will be like following the current pandemic, you often see them quoted as expecting working life to ‘go back to normal’. For me, that won’t work.


First thing’s first – I don’t think anyone could have done anything to prevent the level of disruption we are currently facing. No amount of preparation will give adequate protection from a once in a hundred years event. No amount of planning, stocking or preparing was going to cut it. Saying “we are not prepared” applies to almost every country and every business. The honest answer is that it costs too much to be prepared for something so rare and so extreme as this.